AIXTRON SE – All-in Cloud Strategy

Business Need

AIXTRON is a global company and operates 4 modern research and development laboratories. There are new processes, materials and production researched and developed. In order to be able to act quickly and flexibly on global markets, the current IT strategy is to be developed into a modern cloud strategy, that best supports these requirements from the business process.

A main focus is reviewing how PLM IT services and the currently used CAD system can be provided as a cloud solution and the technological and organizational changes as well as economic implications this entails.


In joint consultation with the IT department of AIXTRON the company management has been submitted a cloud strategy concept for voting and decision in Phase 1. Now in Phase 2, the cloud transformation strategy and implementation is planned in detail.

In a proof of concept, the technical feasibility of an engineering workspace in the cloud has been demonstrated based on the AWS platform. In addition it is necessary to consider the possibility to integrate the currently used SAP PDM solution.

As success factor the acceptance of global engineers is crucial, as they are using highly complex applications that require high performance computing. The license models of the application manufacturer are checked.

Upon successful completion of the PoC more IT Services regarding Office IT and UCC it will now be reviewed and evaluated in terms of cloud capability. Based on this results the future „All-in-cloud“ strategy will be defined. After the strategy development and conception, the transformation of all relevant IT services in a hybrid cloud model will take place.


  • Higher safety standards in the AWS Cloud
  • Cheaper and faster global collaboration in the engineering sector with internal and external resources.
  • Seamless development process without communication breaks
  • Fast and flexible deployment of Engineering Workplaces
  • Optimization of working with OEMs
  • Speed in product development and simulation.